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Madeleine's work has appeared in Salonika, Confrontation, Southern Poetry Review, The New York Quarterly, Narrow Fellow, Barrow Street, Descant, The Blue Nib, Ilanot Review, Tattoo Highway, Webdelsol, Poetry Motel, Skidrow Penthouse, Happy, Response, Listening with the Ear of the Heart: Anthology, Nantucket: A Collection, Knowing Stones: Poems of Exotic Places, and elsewhere.

She teaches Narrative and Reflective Writing; Poetry; and Memoir at NYU School of Medicine/Division of Medical Humanities. She also served as Nonfiction Editor for IthacaLit and currently serves as a Contributing Reviewer for the Bellevue Literary Review. She also teaches in the Professional Creative Writing Program, University of Denver.

Hyacinths From The Wreckage

Serving House Books, June 15, 2015

Available Here

Madeleine Beckman's Hyacinths from the Wreckage, her third book of poetry, is a glittering collection that embraces body and place, and the constantly changing geography of an emotional landscape. The language of these poems wrenches, arouses recognition and empathy, and, finally, sings a persuasive song with the promise of renewal. This is a book of sensual revelation, a journey through intersecting emotions of desire, strife, sorrow, and laughter. Beckman's poems are fierce, vividly alive, and filled with passionate energy. She writes about love and loss in an original and startling way.

Reviews: by David Anthony Sam | by Elizabeth Davies

No Road Map, No Brakes

Red Bird Chapbooks, April 2015

Available Here

No Roadmap, No Brakes, Madeleine Beckman's second poetry collection, continues her Indy 500 ride through the heart, the body, and places near and far. Remembrance fuels her poems' hairpin turns - and we always end up someplace unexpected.

An exploration of womanhood from nostalgic glimpses of a mother to inventions and reinvisionings of the self, No Road Map, No Brakes brings us to the edges of clarity like wisps of smoke from an elegant cigarette. With images frozen from the past and pulled into the present, it introduces us to character after character. Each one, a strong women both mysterious and revealing, impressing herself upon the reader before disappearing into the white space. Gentle breaths to prepare for the beauty of the next poem.

Dead Boyfriends

Linear Arts Press, 1988. Limoges Press, 2012

Available Here

"What if an impressionistic nude leapt from her gold frame to become the quintessential millennium woman? Surely it would be the poet Madeleine Beckman who would give her voice. Dead Boyfriends anatomizes romance in the luxurious, but changing, details of moonlight and daylight. Wryly resigned, experienced but undaunted -- and always irrepressible -- Beckman is the direct inheritor of a grand female sensualist tradition." - Molly Peacock

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